Algorithm Book for Beginners With Interview Preparation 2022

Best Algorithm Book for Beginners and Interview Preparation: If you want to become a genuine problem-solving programmer, then you must have an idea of following the algorithm in programming.

You must focus on different companies and ways to solve the problem, then only you will be able to write the best-optimized code with minimum time complexity. This post has listed some best algorithm books for beginners’ interview preparation.

The algorithm plays a vital role in competitive programming and real-world problem-solving. After qualifying codding and technical round for your job and placement, you will be called for an interview or HR round.

Those interviewers mostly ask questions based on algorithms. So, you must have a good understanding of the following algorithm to solve any question asked by them.

Best Algorithm Book for Beginners and Interview preparation

1. Computation Prog. by J V.

This is a great algorithm book for beginners. The book has written in Python and has a good understanding of data. If you have interested in computational problem solving,  statistical techniques, understanding of Data visualization.

Using various python libraries you can solve many different computational problems and visualizations as well. It has been linked with MIT’s OpenCourseWare. You can also learn dynamic programming. Furthermore, there are 472 pages in the book and 1.6 pounds of weight.

2. Deep Learning by SC

If you are a crazy enthusiast for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, then go with this book. The book contains deep learning concepts, facial recognition, speech recognition,  neural networks, auto-encoders, virtual assistants, and many other AI & ML related stuff.

If you are a beginner, then definitely go with this book to learn all AI and ML technologies deeply. You will also learn some technologies developed by Google and Facebook like  TensorFlow and Caffe2.

It has a great tool for assistance. The book has explained all topics in a theoretical and practical way. Furthermore, the book contains 188 pages.

3. ML by Kevin P.

This textbook also contains all concepts of ML and unified probabilistic approaches.  You will also learn text processing, computer vision, robotics, and many more technologies.

All the concepts are illustrated with colour images and also practical working examples. some graphical models have been implemented using MATLAB also. This book is also helpful for upper-undergraduate levels.

This book has covered all the basic concepts needed for machine learning. Author Kelvin Patric M. was is computer science and statistics professor at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

Many reviewers are saying that this book gives a cohesive and comprehensive framework for ML and AI algorithms.

4. Guide to Comp. Prog. by AL

If you are looking for the best algorithm book for competitive programming, then this is the right choice for you.

This is the Best algorithm book for beginners and interview preparation as well. You will learn folklore algorithm design, debugging skills, and many more.  C++ programming language is used for programming.

The algorithm concept in this book will help you to solve the competitive programming questions. It has also disused dynamic programming and graph algorithms, advanced algorithms, amortized analysis, and many mathematical concepts for competitive programming.

The mathematical concept includes graph techniques, geometric algorithms, string, and so on.

5. Codeless DS Algo. by Armstrong S.

Are you self-taught developers or programmers? This book helps you to solve important topics, which are required at the industry level.  It’s very helpful for the interview also.

You could learn all those concepts without having any formal professional institute degree. If you want to enhance your knowledge of software development, then this book really helps you to learn topics like ree data structures, arrays, linked lists, Time complexities, stacks, and queues.

This is really the best algorithm book for beginners and interview preparation as well. The book has also included Straightforward explanations and diagrams that will clear your concepts deeply.

Conclusion of Best Algorithm Book for Beginners and Interview Preparation

This book is mainly recommended for beginners, self-taught, and programmers, who want to know about the flow of algorithms and data structures and algorithms deeply.

This book also helps non-technical people, who want to learn the concept of algorithms. Author Armstrong Subero has also written  Programming PIC Microcontrollers in XC8.

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