9 Best Book for Mechatronics: Beginners Undergraduate

Mechatronics is a field of engineering, which discusses electrical, mechanical,  robotics, electronics, computer, and software techniques to make smart technologies.

Here, I have prepared a top book for mechatronics. Mechatronics is an essential subject for Robotics and Mechanical students.

Best Mechatronics Book for Mechanical Engineering

Today, the Demand for Mechatronics Engineers is really high. Many students confess that it’s tougher than another engineering because it combines four major fields of engineering. Those fields are mechanics, electrical and electronics, robotics, and so on.

There are some countries like Australia, the UK. And the USA, which produces good Mechatronics Engineers every year. Mechatronics integrates mechanical engineering, But both branches focus on common goals for future upcoming technologies.

1. Mechatronics Applications by NM

  • Publication: McGraw Hill Education
  • Weight: 747 gm

This book is recommended for undergraduate engineering students. it has explained about design and control of the modern mechatronics system. You will learn all important topics like Signal Theory, Transducers and Sensors, Signal Conditioning Theory, Circuits, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, and so on.

2. Mechatronics by D Alciatore

  • Publication: McGraw Hill Education
  • Weight: 704 gm

This book has also covered all topics of electrical, aerospace engineering majors, solid-state devices, digital circuits, cutting edge technology, MEMS, and so on. You can learn all the fundamental concepts of the mechatronics system. There are various examples are provided to understand the concepts deeply.

3. Mechatronics: Electronic by W. B

  • Publication: Pearson Education
  • Weight: 821 gm

This textbook gives a practical and solid understanding of the concepts of Mechatronics. There are lots of case studies, exercises available in order to understand in a better way. If you are an undergraduate beginner, then this is a great book for you to understand the mechatronics concept in a lucid manner.

4. Mechatronics by R R K

This book has also covered all basic and fundamental concepts for undergraduate engineering students. It has also covered all important topics for the UG level such as Control Systems, Basic and Digital Electronics, conversion factors,  Sensors and Transducers, and so on. These concepts are really necessary for understanding advanced applications. This book is also a great option for beginner Undergraduate students.

5. Mechatronics by D Alciatore

  • Publication: McGraw Hill Education
  • Weight: 704 gm

The Book has reviewed all important topics like electrical and digital circuits, solid-state devices, mechatronic systems, and design. You will also learn about some newer technologies like MEMS, cutting edge, and Broad Coverage of Mechatronics. You can prefer this book as a mechanical engineer or UG beginner.

It has also covered some programming stuff like fuzzy logic and neural control systems, artificial hands, etc. There are many other various case studies and exercise to enhance your concepts in mechatronics.

6. Mechatronics & Electronics by M.S. B

  • weight: 825 gm
  • Total pages: 852 pages
  • Publications: Wiley

This book is very effective for beginner level Undergraduate students. There are all the necessary topics for Mechatronics that are provided in a very lucid manner and easy to understand.

You will learn about systems like analogue and digital circuits, microprocessor components, different sensors, control systems,s and so on.

If you are looking at such books like a diagram with deeply explained easy to understanding, then you should definitely go for this.

This book commits that it has “cognitive flow” or “chunk rate” which means it is learnable to anyone. The diagrams and graphical representation in this book are easy to follow and understand the concepts deep inside.

7. Mechatronics by S.M.D.

  • weight: 737 gm
  • Publication:  Prentice-Hall India Learning

The author has discussed the comprehensive coverage design and the application of mechatronics. He has also covered the construction, operation, and application of various mechatronic systems. There are lots of diagrams has included to understand the concepts and enhance your ideas.

This Book’s author M.D. SINGH is Assistant Director and Scientist at  CEERI, Pilani. He has also been vice president of the Indian Physics Association at BITS Pilani, a Member of IEEE (USA), and a life member of IETE (India). Singh has published many research articles in several national and international publications.

8. Mechatronics by TT

  • Weight: 1.2 KG
  • Publication: Oxford University Press
  • Total Pages: 760 pages

This book has explained a comprehensive design and development of an automatic system in a lucid manner.  There are several case studies and projects for a deep understanding of concepts.

So, you can explore topics like system, microprocessor, microcontroller, sensors, transducers, and so on. It has also explained simulation software like  MATLAB and LabVIEW and product design. The author has also included many solved examples.

9. Mechatronics by GS

Weight: 580 gm

Total Pages: 241 pages

This textbook gives you depth knowledge of mechatronics. All the concepts and theory explained in this book is in a lucid manner and easy to understand for beginner Undergraduate Students. you can find all the necessary topics of mechatronics in other books. Some of those important topics like sensors and transducers, signal conditioning, and signal conditioning.

This book is specially dedicated to Mechanical Engineering students, who currently studying in Indian colleges or universities.


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