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Top 5 Best Management College in Nepal for BBA, BBA-BI, MBA 2022

Top 5 Best Management College in Nepal for BBA, BBA-BI, MBA 2022

There are a lot of students joining management courses after 12th in Nepal. This post has listed the best management college in Nepal, which you must check out.

There are so many different management courses colleges in Nepal, and they are affiliated with different universities in Nepal. Some popular universities like Tribhuvan University, Pokhara University, Purwanchal University, and others.

Some management courses you can join after +2 is BBA, BBS, BA, Hotel Management, and BBA Specialization. There are many governments and private management colleges, you can find to purchase management courses.

Top 5 Best Management College for BBA, BBA-BI, MBA

Some government communities school also provides these management courses in Nepal. If you have recently passed out +2 in Commerce or management, then you can also check professional courses after the 12th in Nepal.

1. Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM)

KUSOM is better known as Kathmandu University School of Management. It is one of the best old management colleges in Nepal.

You have to qualify for the Entrance exam to get admission to BBA or MBA. It is also introduced as a Business Administration BBA MBA in Nepal. Each and every management student’s first choice is to get admission to this Campus.

You have to be well prepared to crack the entrance exam conducted by KUSOM. After scoring the required score, then only you will be eligible for admission. KUSOM has also some affiliated colleges inside Kathmandu valley.

2. Kathmandu College of Management (KCM)

Kathmandu College of Management is also one of the old BBA colleges in Nepal and is affiliated with Tribhuvan University.

KCM is also the same as one of the preferred colleges for management courses like BBA and MBA. Its entrance exam is not tougher like KUSOM, but you have to score good marks before getting admission to BBA or MBA.

KCM is known for its best education infrastructure. If you are a serious student, then you should join this college for BBA management courses. This College also offers internship opportunities at various corporate levels.

3. ACE Institute of Management (ACE)

ACE Institute of Management is one of the best colleges of Pokhara University affiliation. It is affiliated with PU and offers various BBA and MBA specialization courses.

This college also provides you with many job and internship opportunities at various corporate levels in Nepal. It is a little costly management course, but it is worth it. You will really get a good environment at this college. Most of the students plan to join these courses after KUSOM and KCM.

You can get admission to this college on the basis of an entrance exam conducted by Pokhara University. If you score well in the PU entrance exam, then you definitely get a good scholarship or discount.

4. Apex College

APPEX is also one of the old management colleges in Nepal. It offers various courses like BBA, BB-TT, BBS, MBA, and various BBA & MBA specialization courses. It is affiliated with Pokhara University.

It is also a costly college, but really provides good infrastructure and quality education. You will get many internships offers here. Apex provides all advanced well-maintained infrastructure classroom environments. You can also develop your personality skill.

Apex has collaborated with many finance sector companies, so you will get a really good opportunity for a job internship offer.

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5. Uniglobe College

Uniglobe College is also better known as the best management college in Nepal. It is affiliated with Pokhara University. It offers management courses like BBA, BBA-BI, BBS, MBA an,d, etc.

Uniglobe is also better known for its quality education. Many of the graduates from this college are working at various corporate levels.

They teach the way in which today’s management sectors are working. It is also really worth it to join Uniglobe for BBA, MBA, or any other specialization courses.

Conclusion of Post

There are so many management colleges in various parts of Nepal. This post has just discussed some of the best popular colleges for BBA, MBA, and other specialization courses.

These courses provide quality education, although they have an expensive free structure. You can also join your nearest best college for your management courses.

Just ask seniors before joining those colleges. If you have a budget and you are serious about your study, then I suggest definitely going with these institutes.

Puskar Nath, a 19-year-old science stream graduate from Himalayan Whitehouse International College, is a budding author with a passion for sharing his thoughts and ideas through writing.

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