Biography of Dr. Toshima Karki | Toshima Joins Politics of Nepal

Toshima Karki is a general surgeon doctor by her profession. She is recently joining the politics of Nepal. As she had given her name for the independent candidacy from Lalitpur No. 3.

Her hometown is Adinath Village, Nakhkhu Khola Marg, Ward no. 18, Lalitpur 3 number area.

She had her education from Shaheed Dharmabhakta School, Nakhkhu from Classes 1  to class 10, Modern Indian School, Chobhar from Class 11 to 12 and MBBS from the Kist Medical College, Lalitpur,  and Masters of General Surgery from Kathmandu University (KU).

Biography of Dr Toshima Karki :

Introduction Information
Full Name: Dr. Toshima Karki
Address: Adinath Village, Nakkhu Khola Marg, Ward no. 18, Lalitpur Area 3
Education: Shaheed Dharmabhakta School, Nakkhu (Classes 1-10), Modern Indian School, Chobhar (Classes 11-12)
MBBS (Kist Medical College, Lalitpur), Masters General Surgery (Kathmandu University)
Occupation: General Surgeon, Patan Hospital, Lalitpur
Youth leader, the medical campaigner, elected central member of Nepal Medical Council
Goal/Commitment: Healthy Nepali, Happy Nepali, and  Honesty towards the people.

Dr. Toshima Karki Age:

Dr Toshima Karki has been serving her profession for 11 years as she has mentioned on her personal webpage.

She had her undergraduate degree in MBBS. All counting up her educational life and professional life, she might be in her thirties. She had never disclosed her age information over the web.

In terms of studies, I have completed my post-graduation from Kathmandu University in the subject of a Masters General Surgery.

By profession, I am working as a Doctor, General Surgeon, at Patan Hospital, Lalitpur. Along with being a youth leader and medical campaigner, I am an elected central member of, the Nepal Medical Council.”

Toshima Karki Politics:

She is Dr Toshima Karki a new candidate for Representative Assembly Member Candidate, Lalitpur Area No. 3. According to her “I am Dr Toshima Karki, for the past 11 years.

She has been leading campaigns in medical education and health services as well as serving in the following roles in civil justice issues.

Puskar Nath
Puskar Nath
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