How To Get Started With Mailgun Symfony

Mailgun is a powerful cloud-based email service that allows you to send, receive, track and store your email. It integrates easily with your existing web apps, APIs, websites, and data to offer a simple, cost-effective solution for your email needs.

You can use our APIs and webhooks to send and receive transactional and marketing emails, manage subscribers and create and manage templates.

We make it easy to send and route email effortlessly through your existing stack and on-premise apps using the power of the Mailgun API and SMTP.

Get Started With Our Mailgun Symfony Demos

Mailgun Symfony is an open-source email library for sending transactional emails from your PHP applications. It’s built on the Mailgun API, so you get all the benefits of our powerful email sending infrastructure, without having to worry about the complexity of setting things up.

In this article, we’ll show you how to get started with Mailgun Symfony. We’ll start by introducing you to the basics of email sending with Mailgun Symfony.

Then we’ll walk you through setting up a simple contact form with Mailgun Symfony. Finally, we’ll show you how to set up automated email notifications with Mailgun Symfony.

We Can Handle Big Volumes of Email

Mailgun Symfony was purposely built for handling high volumes of email. Whether you are sending transactional, marketing or automated emails, our platform was designed to make the process as smooth and easy as possible.

We also have a robust API that can easily be integrated into your application, so you can get started with sending emails right away.

Furthermore, our platform is scalable so you can easily handle any increase in email volume. With Mailgun Symfony, you can rest assured that your email will be delivered quickly and reliably.

Easy API Integration for Your Platform

Mailgun Symfony is a library that provides easy API integration for your platform. This means that you can quickly and easily add email sending capabilities to your website or application.

With Mailgun Symfony, you’ll get all the benefits of our world-class email deliverability and reporting. In addition, you’ll enjoy automatic DKIM signature validation and support for SPF records. Symfony developers will appreciate our tight integration and our easy-to-use API.

Fix Broken Deliveries, Accelerate Time to Inbox

Symfony is an excellent framework for SendGrid’s transactional email services. Not only does it make sending email easy, but it also helps you track and fix any broken deliveries.

Symfony also helps you accelerate the time it takes for an email to arrive in the recipient’s inbox. This is especially useful for time-sensitive or transactional emails, such as password resets, account verification, and purchase receipts.

Don’t Miss Another Opens or Clicks Email?

Make sure your email marketing campaigns don’t miss a beat by setting up notifications for open and click tracking. This way, you’ll know immediately when an email is opened or clicked, so you can follow up accordingly. Here’s how to set it up:


Mailgun Symfony is a messaging platform for sending, receiving and tracking emails. We help companies send a better email by providing fast deliverability, smart inbox placement and detailed reporting.

Mailgun provides a way to track your delivery times down to the minute along with stats about clicks and opens.

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