Travel Books by Famous Authors You Must Read in 2022

Travel is an evergreen field. Everyone likes to travel and explorer the world. Here, I have prepared the best travel books by a famous writer, you must visit.

If you are a genuine traveller, then these books really inspire you about your travelling and exploring the world.

Top-selling Travel Books by Famous Authors

These books will really influence you in the right way and inspired you to a travel adventure. You could also enhance your personal travel goals for upcoming years. So, if you are looking for great motivational and adventure feeling types of book, then check out the list below.

1. Shantaram by DR

This travel book will really make your travel journey awesome and fill more adventure in your travel journey. This is one of the best-written novel books. This book is full of love, beauty, entertainment, inspiration, and adventure.

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The book contains 900 pages. Each page of the book has made it very interesting for readers. So, definitely, you may not feel bored with this book. You can find a very positive review on amazon about this wonderful book.

2. Travels with a Donkey By RL

This book is about Author Robert Louise’s donkey Mosestine and different mountainous regions of France. You can also read about the landscape, various religions of people. There are 137 pages in this book. Each page is very interesting to read.

This book is one of the favourite choices for many travellers experts. You can also read this book review in the Amazon review section, where people has discussed the book’s best parts and their experience with this amazing book.

The pros of this book are it’s written beautifully so that readers could have the pleasure to read this book and be influenced by this book. If you are looking at something next level, then this book is for you.

3. Worldwalk by SN

This is another great book for genuine travel lovers. The author has explored more than 25 countries all over 5 continents. He has shared blizzards, adventures, wildfires and more in this book.

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There is a total of 477 pages in this book. People are enjoying it after reading this book. All titles in this book are ideal.

The author has talked about difficult situations during no cell and no GPS. The author has explained his case study to the people of the world. You can also enjoy reading this book in your free time. There are lots of good words you can find in the Amazon review section.

4. On the Road by JK

Another great American best traveller book by famous author jack Kerouac, people are really engaging with this book. The book contains 192 pages.

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The author has really made it very interesting to read every reader. If you are looking book for a real travelling world experience, then definitely choose this book.

5. The Alchemist by PC

The book has sold millions of copies of this book. It is one of the best international best booksellers.

You never feel boor with this book. It inspires and influences your travelling dreams. If you have fear regarding your travel journey, then go with this full of adventure book.

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